Mel is a Titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist


What is a Sports and Exercise Titled Physiotherapist?

A highly qualified physiotherapist with expert knowledge and skills. A titled physiotherapist undergoes a rigorous selection process through the Australian Physiotherapy Association, to ensure that they achieve and maintain exceptional standards of clinical experience and knowledge. A Title serves as a professional mark of distinction.

What are Mel’s qualifications?

Mel graduated with a Physiotherapy Degree from Sydney University in 1998. Mel also completed a Masters Degree in Sports Physiotherapy in 2012 from La Trobe University in Victoria. Mel is also is a qualified PINC and STEEL Physiotherapist.

What is different about Mel?

Mel will perform a thorough assessment and prefers to allow up to an hour for your initial consultation, most likely resulting in fewer treatments needed for your recovery.

As an experienced clinician, Mel will be able to identify your condition, provide a diagnosis and create a holistic treatment plan for you.

Mel will give you advice of how to manage and treat your condition which is evidenced based and a result of her experience treating people with musculoskeletal injuries for over 20 years.

Your exercise program will be individualised and is formatted to your preference. Physitrack is a personalised exercise program that you can download as an App with your exercises clearly described including videos to ensure you are performing them correctly.


Physiotherapy Experience:

Physiotherapist for Australian Defence Force and Private Practice in UK, Sydney and Port Macquarie.

Teaches Physiotherapy students at Charles Sturt University, Port Macquarie.