4 Physio Tips for the 2016 Season

  1. Are you consistent with training in the off-season? Lots of injuries occur due to unaccustomed use, such as muscle strains. Understanding what mechanical loads you place on your tissues can help you work out your training plan. Cells in muscle, tendon and bone adapt to mechanical stimulus, also known as…EXERCISE! If you wait until the first game to test your tissues, you might get issues!
  2. Previous injury is one of the biggest risk factors for another injury. Spend 15 minutes twice a week doing some pre-hab! E.g. Perform strength work on a muscle that your tore last season (e.g. calf raises for a calf tear, single leg bridges for your hamstring) or for a previous ankle sprain do some challenging balance exercises, such as the one in the photo.


3. Do a good warm up! A great resource for warming -up and injury prevention are the FIFA 11+exercises for soccer. These can give you an idea of good prevention exercises.

4. If you live in beautiful Port Macquarie and do get injured on the field, at home, school or work then get in touch sooner rather than later! I am available to give you a diagnosis, specific exercises and help you enjoy the 2016 Season.