Happy Hips

Do you stand like this occasionally?

Habits of hanging on one hip can start early and be exacerbated by carrying around your child on one side

How do I compress my gluteal tendons?

Sitting on low chairs with hips lower than the knees

Crossing your legs for long periods of time

Sitting with your knees together and feet apart, and moving from sitting to standing in this alignment

Sleeping on your side with the top leg flexed at the knee and hip

Sleeping on a hard mattress will compress the sore side

Standing with weight on one side- hip-hitching

Training errors with running, such as a camber at the beach or poor foot placement

Why does this happen to women more than men?

Women have wider hips and affects the alignment angles of the muscles, tendons and fascia

In post-menopausal women it is very common, as hormonal factors influence tendons

What can I do to make my hips happy?

Do exercises to keep your back, pelvis and hip muscles strong with hips and knees in good alignment

Use a pillow between your knees at night

If you have pain you can use an egg-shell pillowtop on your mattress

Avoid postures that compress your tendons

If you do have pain – see a physiotherapist for education and corrective low compression exercises to keep your hips happy!


Mel Turner is a Titled Sports Physiotherapist in Lighthouse Beach, Port Macquarie NSW