Where are we headed? Covid-19 and Telehealth

Physiotherapy is a service to help you stay healthy, improve your function and reduce pain. Due to the Covid-19 Virus many people may be unsure whether seeing your physiotherapist is safe? Where are we going with this new way of life?

The infection control procedures are something that physiotherapists take seriously, even more so now. The risk is that through close contact, i.e. not socially distancing by the nature of our work, we may be putting our clients at risk of being exposed to Covid-19.  Of course we will not take any risks and not see clients if we are unwell, but there is another option, if you still have concerns… Telehealth!


As a Physiotherapist with lots of training and 21 years of experience, I am well placed to provide this service now privately. I use a secure program which connects with an App you download. You will have an individualised program and be able to send messages directly through this to provide information and assist in your injury management. I have already helped clients who live in remote areas through this service. Please contact me via email or phone if you have any questions, or are keen to get your injury assessed and managed.  I am looking forward to this opportunity to help people. Education and advice, along with exercise is MEDICINE!