Hi! Thanks for having a look at my website and my first blog. I will write about current treatments and trends in Sports Physio. I am on a learning curve so if there is information or problems that I can help you and others with through my blog, drop me an email. I have a passion to spread the word about what actually works and what experts are saying when it comes to training, health promotion and improving your well-being.


There is so much information on the internet regarding health, but it is sometimes daunting to know where to look. The great thing about Physiotherapy, especially in Australia is that we have some fantastic researchers who have dedicated their time to find out what actually works! I continue to learn from some forward thinking Physio’s who research using specific techniques such as taping and exercise, loading programs for tendons and understanding the body and mind in the face of injury on the field, at work and in normal activities of life.


When studying at Sydney Uni in the 1990’s one of my lecturers, Rob Herbert, started an evidence base for Physiotherapy. It is now translated into many languages. It is called PEDro, Physiotherapy Evidence Database. The great news is that the Centre for Evidence-based Physiotherapy has a consumer based database so you can look and see what actually works in terms of physiotherapy interventions. Have look at www.physiotherapychoices.org.au As it says only best quality randomised controlled trial, systematic reviews and guidelines are used.

A great thing about seeing a physiotherapist who spends the time assessing you properly and explaining your injury is that techniques and exercises used have evidence. Now it is also available to you as a consumer. There is also a bit of care and concern as well! One other fantastic entertaining, educational web resource in terms of health is www.evanshealthlab.com It has excellent short videos to explain health concerns such as low back pain and Exercise as Medicine. Have a look and let me know what you think!


Thanks for reading and have an active day,


Mel 🙂