So what is Telehealth? Physiotherapy Online available now in Port Macquarie

What is Telehealth and why do I need to know?

Telehealth is the delivery and facilitation of health care services by digital means, such as phone calls, sending documents and videoconferencing through your computer or mobile phone. It was used previously for remote communities, but now it is available to anyone who has a computer or mobile phone to do the consultations.

I started using Telehealth last year for some patients that I had seen at my practice, but no longer resided in Port Macquarie. It’s more important than ever with treatment of patients severely restricted by COVID19 protocols. Our government is now implementing Telehealth with full force, recognising the vital role that continued access to health care services such as Physiotherapy play for our communities.

Physiotherapy is an essential service for many important reasons:

  1. To reduce the need for people to visit a hospital.
  2. Help manage pain and provide effective self management tools.
  3. Provide ongoing education and advice to assist people to make the most out of life.

If you have a chronic illness that is managed by your GP, ask them about your access to physiotherapy through Telehealth. From April 14th 2020, private health funds will be providing rebates to those who use their physiotherapy cover in this way. Workcover and the NDIS clients are also able to access Physiotherapy Services through Telehealth.

Physiotherapy can also be accessed privately by booking an appointment through email: or phoning/texting me on 0437 373 100